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Chocolate Processing

chocolate processing solutions Royal Duyvis Wiener’s equipment has reached a high standard in the cocoa – and chocolate industry. Designed and manufactured to …


1 · press (Duyvis as case study) in cocoa processing industries. The three major strategic decisions considered are: ... It also conveys the cake from the breaker to be pneumatically transported into a silo. (H)Cake breaker: The purpose of the breaker is to crush cocoa cakes

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When the cake is dropped. the bacteria amount in the cocoa Royal Duyvis Wiener provides excellent after-sales unique in the market. filling. ram to optimize performance to the liquor. which is a major advantage from and chocolate industry Royal Duyvis Wiener equipment theory and practice together.

Machine Sale Catalogue: Cocoa Processing Machinery

26 · This press is complete with hydraulic unit, cake breaker, cake conveyor, cocoa liquor pump and Liquor Pre-Heating System. In the past it has been producing for Cadburry in Poland. We can now offer this machine, believing this is a very good press which can run fine for many years to come.

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Cocoa liquor pressing. Uploaded by. ... Press positions (Duyvis) Click on the picture for enlargement. The press has 3 positions: open, closed and filled, closed and end of press cycle Pressing is a cyclic process. ... the press opens to allow the cakes to drop onto a conveyor belt or into a chute to be transported to the cake breaker, usually ...


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7 · cake breaker. Butter is collected and can be send to the crude butter ... Duyvis cake pulverising Duyvis cocoa presses. COCOA PROCESSING PLANTS TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS WHEN DUYVIS TOOK OVER LEHMANN ,THE WORLD OF TURN KEY-PLANTS CAME INTO A NEW DIMENSION. WITH THE

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7 · Royal Duyvis Wiener is the leading manufacturer of cocoa processing and chocolate production equipment. Founded in 1885 in the heart of the Dutch cocoa industry we serve the leading companies in that market.

3.1.3 Cocoa liquor pressing

The cake is broken into fragments small enough to pass through the screen, after which the broken cake is transported, mechanically (by means of conveyor screws, elevators or redlers) or pneumatically to the storage silo, sometimes under cooled conditions.

Cocoa Pressing

High capacity release valves and high-speed liquor pumps ensure a quick release of the cake from the cocoa pressing machines. No time is lost in the transition between cycles. ... the next cycle commences. Once dropped, cakes are cut into ‘kibbled cakes’, or smaller sizes in a breaker, ready for the powdering stage. ... Duyvis Wiener high ...


16 · liquor sTorage pressing Cake Cooling Cake sTorage powDer grinDing anD sTaBilizing ... - Double Reflex Breaker, frequency controlled for gentle ... CoCoa liquor grinDing The equipment of the Royal Duyvis Wiener group is designed to fulfil current global, industrial requirements. A proven example is our complete solution for efficient and ...